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Pegasus RC Flying Club Inc. Field Regulations

  1. Anyone using the field must have proof of AMA membership.
  2. Anyone turning on their transmitter must have a Pegasus RC Flying Club Inc. card on the frequency control board.
  3. All AMA regulations are in effect and are an integral part of the flying rules at this field.
  4. There will be no littering on or around the field.
  5. Spectators must stay behind the designated line at the field.
  6. Children, pets, and guests are the responsibility of the member who brought them. Control them or you will be asked to leave the field.
  7. There will be no flying over the pits or the spectator area.
  8. All new pilots must be checked out by a club instructor before flying by themselves.
  9. There will be absolutely no flying over Woodbourne Road.
  10. No more than four aircraft will be in the air at the same time.
  11. All aircraft engines must adhere to noise levels as per AMA regulations.
  12. There will be no alcoholic beverages in the park.
  13. There will be no flying when work is being done on the field.
  14. Flying may be done only during normal park hours.
  15. A pilot landing has the right of way over all other airplanes except if an emergency is called for on the field.
  16. Should a mishap occur at the field, the two parties shall come to a gentleman’s agreement at the time of the mishap. If this does not occur, then a board member should be notified and the executive board will make the final decision.

  17. Every member is responsible for safety at the field. It is your obligation to inform someone if they are disregarding any of these or AMA rules. Continued infractions should be reported to the safety officer. Discipline will be handled by the executive board with recommendations from the safety officer.

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